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Name's Malcolm Reynolds- captain of Serenity. Ain't much for talkin' but little Kaylee thought it'd be a good idea to set this up so I can answer some questions for you folks. Just don't go askin' about that gorram Alliance. Follow the rest of the crew






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Hey guys. So, as it turns out, I don’t have all the free time I’d like to keep this blog (in addition to the other few I’ve got) running with a constant stream of new posts. I’ve got real life responsibilities and I don’t see them letting up anytime soon.

That being said, I think I’m going to have to give up on this blog. I’m not deleting it, but if anyone would like to step up to the plate and run askzoe, I’d be more than happy to hand the blog over. 

If you’re seriously interested in taking control of askzoe, I ask that you contact me through my personal blog (as I check that one most often) and we can talk. 

I’m super sorry that I have to do this, particularly since I’m not well known for updating in the first place, haha. But I’ll still be around on Mal, and at least this way, we can get some new blood in the firefly askblog crew. 

It occurs to me that more people will see this post on this blog.

Are any of Serenity's shuttles still available for rent?
Asked by Anonymous

Crew uses the extra shuttle for jobs sometimes…so not really. Got plenty of passenger rooms though.

What exactly happened to Shadow during the war?
Asked by Anonymous

It was bombed all to Hell by the Alliance during the war. Ain’t nothing left but blackened rock.

You thinking of settling down anytime soon, Mal?
Asked by Anonymous

Maybe, if the right woman were to come along. She’d have to be one hell of a woman though.

After that altercation with saffron, will you marry again?
Asked by nimbusyosh

I still stand by the idea that we never really married. 

Don't mean t' be rude or nothin' but how old are ya?
Asked by Anonymous

Old enough.

Who takes the longest showers?
Asked by Anonymous

We don’t take showers on Serenity in the traditional sense. Don’t got the water for it.

But if we did- it’d prob’ly Inara. Or Jayne.

Captain, what's your favorite food?

Hell, I’m a fan of anything that ain’t processed. Gorram space food’s the worst part of living in a ship.

What is the nicest thing anyone on the ship has done for you (Saving your ass doesn't count.)
Asked by marauderice

They keep makin’ me money. That count?

But really, Kaylee makes a cake for me every year on my birthday. Probably that.

What do you prefer: if your crew call you Captain or Mal?
Asked by Anonymous

Don’t really mind either way.

'Long as it ain't Captain Tightpants.